Totally forgot I had even started this blog. I can’t even remember why I did. Anyhow, my ‘real’ blog (where I actually ‘blog’ as opposed to just re-blog) is slightly more up to date. Not promising it’s more interesting than the words of those I’ve re-blogged here, but it is me.

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Force feeding ED patients?

Force feeding ED patients?.

Reblogged with great admiration.

Looks like this blog is going to be a bit of a re-blog fest…

A dedicated Mum getting it so very right.

surviving anorexia

The biggest ‘gain’ that most sufferers of eating disorders find is that they are insulated from the world and the feelings they do not want to investigate. They become numb, disconnected, restrained. Emotions are cut down to the bare minimum. All the emotions and decisions that should be felt and dealt with, are packed away, put aside, ignored. Instead it becomes almost a relief to just focus on food and the body. It becomes ‘simple’. Everything gets focused on staying thin, getting thinner, creating rituals and obsessions around food, utensils, eating times, scales, etc. It is listening to one voice that controls everything.

Underneath however there is still plenty of emotion happening. Anxiety, fear, worry, sadness, loneliness, anger, disgust and yes, there is pleasure and power. Pleasure that the weight is dropping and you can do and achieve something. Power because you assume you have control of something in your…

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The one where I tell you where to go..

Well, if you happen to have ambled onto this blog (which, obviously, you have!), I’m afraid to say I’m currently not going “live” on WordPress.

BUT, you can find me and my blogging n’ bollox here:



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